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Hello! I am Bart 馃檪

For some time now know that photography is really a very important element that fills the art world. Any man who can say that it is definitely an artist more or less could do that with the camera. This is for the simple reason, anyone who just wants to do something specific, he knows that if we do not teach talent alone can not defend themselves. For this reason, even a talented wedding photographer in Surrey like me, you may wonder, are you sure that’s enough. That’s why he personally finished school and courses that taught me many interesting things about the shooting.

I am wedding photographer for a long time, it is a thing which no doubt meant that my life has changed. If only someone told me to stop doing that without a doubt I would start to laugh. This is my way of life, and so apart from the acquisition of money realize as a man. I am absolutely convinced that it gives me happiness and self-fulfillment. I make pictures in a really interesting style, and confirm that anyone who has only seen my portfolio of photographs taken in Surrey, Hampshire but also in London and surrounding areas.

My portfolio can be found at and is really varied and constantly growing. I am one hundred percent convinced that people should not be guided by intuition, and choose healthy just what they like the most! If anyone thinks that my pictures have an amazing style, I invite you to take advantage. Without a doubt, moments included in my photos will give the mood and happiness of marriage, that is, for many people the most beautiful and one of the most important days in your life.

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